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ClassPass: Why I Love It & Why You NEED It

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

The Ultimate Fitness & Health Routine app you NEED to download TODAY!

ClassPass brought me back to my early 20''s how:

The Ultimate Fitness & Health Routine app you NEED to download TODAY!

When I was in my early 20's I discovered a love for fitness. I started out with a nightly jog and advanced quickly to a gym membership. I would walk or run to the gym, spend an hour or so working on myself, then walk or run back home, depending on how much stamina I had left in me. It was a peaceful chunk of my day that always allowed me to focus on just me - not my classes, not my job, not my family issues...just me.

As I hit my mid-twenties and found myself in a full-time job, I prioritized my fitness routine less until finally I dropped it altogether. Every now and then, I would tell myself that I'd find my way back. Year after year, I strayed further away.

Now that I'm in my early 30's, I've learned that I will never "find my way back." Instead, I have to choose fitness and health. It's not going to find me. There's no magic pill that will help me reverse the damage I've done to my body over the years. The weight that I've gained in lieu of healthy choices isn't going to just fall off. I have to work for it. I have to decide every single day that my health and body are important to me.

Luckily, ClassPass did find me. In an ad somewhere on social media, ClassPass caught my eye, and I decided that I wanted those free two weeks to see if I could fall back in love with fitness. And I did. Here's why:

Studio Fitness

The first thing that I love about ClassPass is the number of local studios I have access to. I knew that if I was going to get back into shape, I was going to need some help and motivation from instructors and classmates. Strolling into the gym, looking at equipment I was too self-conscious to use and then ultimately heading for the treadmill for 30 minutes before hitting the sauna wasn't going to cut it.

ClassPass has it all, though. Yoga studios, Pilates studios, Boxing many. studios.

Which, for my choice-loving heart, means that I can decide which type of physical activity I want to participate in on any given day. I'm not locked into an expensive plan for one studio that *only* offers Pilates or *only* offers Yoga. I can do both. I can do it all. And as a millennial, I love that I don't have to choose. I love that I don't have to commit.


Speaking of commitment, you can join ClassPass for FREE - yes, catch, no gimmick, no contract trapping you into a plan that you'll never cancel because you don't want to call the number at the bottom of the page.

And if you don't love it after your free trial has ended, no worries! You can just cancel through the app. It's that easy.

If you do fall in love with it just as I have, there are multiple plans to fit any budget, starting at just $19 per month.

If you're a freak like me, though, you can jump all in with the $200/month plan, which includes 100 credits. For me, that equaled out to over 22 classes in November. I even had a few leftover credits, which rollover each month so you don't lose out!

And if you ever decide that you no longer wish to use ClassPass, it's super easy to cancel. Again, no hidden phone number to call and sit on hold with. You can cancel or change your plan in the app or online with the click of a button.

Not Just Fitness

Okay, depending on what your goals are, this may be the most exciting thing about ClassPass...

It's not just for fitness studios! Say what?! In addition to my beloved fitness studios, you can also find open gyms, salons, spas, and more.

Ideal day idea #1: Sweat it out at a hot yoga class at the Coterie Wellness Studio. Take advantage of their free showers before heading over to Clean Your Dirty Face for a facial. Next, drop in to True REST for float therapy before heading over to Okra for a meditation class. All booked through ClassPass.

Ideal day idea #2: Challenge yourself at a HIIT class at SPENGA. Take advantage of their free showers before heading over to Eden for a massage. Next, drop in to Frenchies for a mani pedi before heading over to iCRYO for an Infrared Sauna session. All booked through ClassPass.

Studios I Recommend Trying Out During Your Free-Trial:

Again, I LOVE studio fitness. It's why I fell in love with ClassPass. I definitely took advantage of my free trial to try a number of different studios, and I'm always open to trying out more.

Here are my top 3 studios that I recommend you try during your free trial:

[solidcore]: I'm not even going to lie - I LOVE cheesy reality dating shows, and Love is Blind is at the top of my favorites list. What I noticed over the past couple of seasons, though, is those women who are fit AF are pilates instructors! This is when I realized that pilates is where it's at. After trying a few different studios around Charlotte, [solidcore] won me over with their motivating instructors, challenging reformer machines, and neon blue lights.

SPENGA: I never thought I'd go to another spin class after the one I tried a few years ago. It left my groin in so much pain, and I swore I'd never do that to myself again. However, I did decide to give it another try at SPENGA, and wouldn't you get used to it. I love SPENGA because it's 20 minutes of spin, 20 minutes of strength training with weights and equipment, and 20 minutes of yoga, all led by an instructor who has a way of making you want to keep going. And just when you think "I can't do this anymore," you don't have to because the 20 minutes is up. It makes the class fly by, and you get to leave feeling like you accomplished so much. Because you honestly did.

The Coterie Wellness Studio: I have to admit that I got to know Caiti, owner of the Coterie, before I ever took a class, and I fell in love with the vibe and purity of her space. I knew that once I started taking yoga classes again that I would 100% be going here. What I didn't expect is just how strong the feeling of belonging and community would be. Every single class is different, with each instructor delivering a unique and one-of-a-kind experience. In some of these classes, I've left sweating more than any pilates or HIIT class. Nevertheless, I find that, somehow, I always find exactly what I need in each of these classes, and I'm always craving the next one as soon as it's over.

These are my top 3 studios available through ClassPass. You can find the full list in my next post, so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don't miss it.

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