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Hi, I'm Shauna Lynne

I'm so happy you're here! I believe we were meant to cross paths, and whether we've met in person, you are meeting me for the first time here, or you've been following along my journey for a while now, I am grateful to share who I am with you.

You and I share something in common...& you may be thinking, "how can she know this if we haven't formally met yet?"...let's just say that I have a feeling ;)

You're here because you...

crave a life filled with bountiful love,

aren't afraid to chase after your wildest dreams,

give yourself fully to everyone and everything that you care about,

know that you are capable of living an extraordinary life...

Sound familiar? I thought so :)

Those who identify with the above statements, we always have a way of finding each other, and I couldn't be more excited to have found you here!

So, let's get started...


Your path to

starts here...

a positive mindset

Work With Me

Looking for a more hands-on, curated yoga experience? Book a tailored one-on-one yoga class with me. Focus your intention, deepen your practice, and work through challenging areas in this personalized 75-minute session. 

Master your mindset and find your joy...together, we'll dive into the blocks and challenges standing between you and your happiness. Each session is personalized to build your confidence, develop healthy habits, and provide the tools necessary to achieve your goals.

Book your free 30-minute consultation today!

Workplace Wellness

Boost employee morale, encourage wellness in the workplace, and curate a team-bonding experience with private yoga sessions. Not only does yoga in the workplace provide a rewarding opportunity for mental health stimulation, it is also proven to lower stress and increase productivity. 45-minute sessions can take place in the morning, afternoon, or after business hours.

Hosting a wellness event, retreat, or other event? Hire me to lead a yoga practice, teach in a workshop, or speak on stage! I love sharing my yoga and mindset expertise with a broad range of audiences. Both local & travel opportunities  may be considered.


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